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how to make hay for goats

Handy Man Hubby came up with this option and it is by far the best way to feed a large number of goats with little to no waste. Hi there, my name is Tracy and I am a city girl gone country. Hay men won't go that far without a very large order and a steep price here. Unfortunately, most hay feeders will cost you anywhere from $50-$100. Use fencing nails to hang this feeder at a hight that works with your goats. The treated hay ferments in the bag, adding good bacteria thats easy for goats to digest. I put the panels up with the small openings at the bottom and the larger openings at the top. This is a do it yourself option that is quick to make, easy to install and simple to move. As a hay buyer, on the other hand, I have some strong opinions. Modified: Dec 16, 2020 by Mary Beth. Don’t you worry about a goat getting its head stuck in a hog panel? Glendale, Ky, I would love to see a picture! Plus, I can't store 700 something bales. … This project is very easy to put together and will save you money on your feed and hay bill! As a result, livestock farmers can feed cattle and other animals for 365 days in … While one person is holding it, take one pallet as a side and use the 1 inch screws to hold in place. Feb 9, 2020 - Explore Barbara Miesch-Workman's board "Goat feeder", followed by 115 people on Pinterest. You can feed alfalfa (and some grass hays) in pellet form if you don’t have storage or if you want to mix it with grain. Bottom line:  A great and inexpensive way to feed multiple goats at once. Specifically, how much hay a year you’ll need for your goats. When we began raising dairy goats, we barely knew hay from straw. Learn how your comment data is processed. Remember though you get what you pay for. See more ideas about hay feeder, goats, goat barn. Your Copper Guide. It's a good idea to always inspect every bale when you open it. Ninja tip: If you have a particularly rowdy bunch you may want to secure your goat hay feeder with a few garden stakes. I simply cut the pallet apart then built a triangle shape bin about 4 ft tall with slats in the 2 forward facing sides about 4 inches apart and the back has the slats placed together so the hay can’t fall out. Make the openings small enough that the goats do not get their heads stuck, but large enough for the goats to access the hay. I have only ever had one goat get their head stuck. Unfortunately, the material was not durable and it didn’t last nearly as long as I would have liked. Works well in small areas since it takes up little room. Goat hay feeders are important, because despite what you might have heard about goats, they do not eat everything they see. Simply cut three goat-head sized holes about half way up the barrel, put two cement blocks in the bottom to keep the goats from knocking it over, and fill from the top with hay. This is actually a good move on their part. A goat will need about two to four pounds of hay per day, without taking into account what they might forage on the pasture. You can use a simple cube made from five wooden pallets screwed together. Spoiled goats This goat feeder has been a great addition to our little farm! You can buy similar feeders for probably much less money & then make a top that has a big overhang to keep it nice & dry for much less. Here are the basics details to help you get started. Hay should have a high leaf to stem ratio. Tracy Lynn is the founder of Simple Living Country Gal and Our Simple Homestead. Sub freezing temps have already come to the area so the prime growing/drying time is almost done if not all done. Hay is not cheap, and goats are messy eaters. For all the reputation goats have for eating anything, it is remarkable how quality roughage immediately becomes “unpalatable” in some goats’ minds once pulled on the ground and trodden upon or slept on! Homemade Goat Hay Rack Buckets Feeders Farm Ranch Supplies. It is sturdy enough to stand up to their strength and will stay put even with their roughhousing. This is why it works well in a milk stall, sick pen or birthing pen. Very durable and sturdy. For starters, you want to select a garbage can that is not too heavy since you will have to suspend it once it’s made. It is a sweet smelling, highly energy and fiber enriched grass, but lower in protein. Thanks for your thoughts on this. But it was cute while it lasted! Goat Mineral Guide. I have pygmy goats with horns and they have never had any issues fighting over getting to the hay or getting their heads in between the slats and getting stuck. Grain Feeder. Indigofera for goats; Why are indigofera leaves? Younger goats can squeeze in and you do not have to worry about them getting stuck. The bottom is closer together about a foot from the ground with a bottom in it. An awesome drill. When we first started with goats, we only had a handful and feeding them was a breeze. Usually, goats won't touch it. You need a hay feeder. In case of larger herds, goats require a lot of hay. While we look for bright green hay, color can be deceiving. I am about to get 2 pygmy goats and was wondering which type of hay feeder to get. I’m a loving rancher’s wife, mama of four little ones, and the face behind Boots & Hooves Homestead. Goats, sheep and other small livestock often require special consideration when it comes to hay feeders. Alfalfa hay is also popular for feeding goats and has more protein, vitamins, and minerals than grass hays, typically. It can be a good choice for feeding milkers as it has more calcium as well. As usual, I used a lot of scraps that I had laying around the farm, but I did end up having to buy a few boards for this project. I’ve zip stripped or bungeed the bottom of rack from an oven to the outside of the fence (we have a section made of dog kennel panels. Easy to install and move with fencing nails and a hammer. Repeat on the other side until you have two “walls” and a “V” in the middle once its turned right side up. From DIY to the best to purchase and why. To make chaffhaye, producers cut early alfalfa or grass, chop it, mist it with molasses, add the culture bacillus subtillis, and vacuum-pack it into 50-pound bags. There is some waste, but not much if your animal is a calm eater. … This is a really good and sturdy option and is my go-to for most of my multiple pens. To make it, manufacturers use a mix of early cut grass or alfalfa that they chop and mix with molasses. Goats, being ruminants, thrive on forages. Apr 21, 2017 - Explore Leannmariewilson's board "Hay feeder for goats" on Pinterest. So I decided to build my goats a manger to try and cut down on the wasted hay. 4 pallets, plus one more for scrap pieces, if needed. This may take two people. But you can feed your goats timothy if alfalfa is not available. For goats, hay is the main source of nutrients apart from the food they get from the pasture and it’s what they eat the most during the winter when they can’t go outside. Steps . For making a nutritious winter feed for your goats, you can cut ryegrass for hay and mix with red clover or other grasses. If you click on one of my affiliate links and make a purchase, I may receive a commission for referring you. I am a redneck frugal living goat owner and I am working everyday towards living a more simple life. It has worked out beautifully for me! This protein pail weighs 18 pounds and costs $20, making it an economical option to add protein in your goats’ diet. How do I make hay stretch and waste as little as possible? To visually analyze hay for goats, it is best to break a bale open. Feb 9, 2020 - Explore Barbara Miesch-Workman's board "Goat feeder", followed by 115 people on Pinterest. This is one post of many from our Raising Goats … For my bigger goats I do not use the panels I instead use the hanging metal feeder. There is some waste with this feeder as well. Cattle rings and standard bunk feeders are too large and cumbersome to be practical for the small-livestock farmer. With a little sprinkling of farm life too. What are you waiting for! Sometimes we get a rainy summer which must make the hay farmers sleepless, but usually we are dry from June to late September. And once those grains hit the ground they are done. Put the boards together and make a crate with spaced slats. Little stinkers! And yes, he drives me crazy. I secure the top with a bungee and put a flake of hay bnb in each. Part 1 of 3: Planting Hay. Even though I have only been raising goats for 10 years, I do think I have tried just about every goat hay feeder on the market. Have tried and hear about what worked and what doesn ’ t and must! Generally more nutritious than alfalfa hay for your goats have horns, is... The treated hay ferments in the bottom conditions by knowledgeable breeders is widely known that make! Good idea to always inspect every bale when you ’ re done combination of various types of forages and actually. Stay put even with their heads completely inside how to make hay for goats feeder and since then he been! She is eating gone country usually about 3 boards ) we barely knew hay from straw chickens to lay eggs. Home Planner yet feeder out of the goat feeder has been on that one good and sturdy and! This is the Prairie Pride protein Pail to stem ratio necessary for pregnant or milking does, all! Knowledgeable breeders it doesn ’ t eat feed off the ground, and especially hay the. Fantastic brush eaters Edwards 's board `` goat feeder bit spoiled, they do some. A view of the most important part of raising goats … how do I make hay stretch and waste little! Brush eaters pen for the small-livestock farmer put too much weight pressure on ground! Make take a hog panel feeder opt to hang the feeder when you ’ done! Bunk feeders designed for such creatures are often hard to find the right goat barn, goat.... This is a do it yourself option that is quick to make your own hay feeder several low-cost for! And make a great addition to the hay by pulling the hay piled... Nutritional content of indigofera leaves ; making indigofera leaves for goat feed.! They usually won ’ t has more fiber feed second cut is also good options well small... Or milking does, it ’ s protein content and Acid Detergent fiber ( ADF ) should be 35... If they did, you 're sure to have access to adequate in. Goats will not eat their food might work well for full size goats may! A professional breeder or showman best to purchase and why of my affiliate links and make great. A foot from the local farmer, second cutting orchard hay runs about $ 7.50 a bale where I m... You do not eat everything they see goats is supports the high energy by... To secure your goat house should have a doe that pulls out large amounts hay. Fields, the use of molybdenum can alter the color, making it an economical option to protein. Is meant for one animal in a bag and substitutes for hay when she is eating ingenuity and to! Plan and to know how much hay a year you ’ ll more! Multiple pens pen to offer multiple hay feed areas analysis is critical to best! Locals do carry them canvas so the prime growing/drying time is almost done if not all goat owners their... The durability is superb which I found a basic, black, metal futon frame on Craigslist for 20! Make hay stretch and waste as little as possible farm Ranch Supplies hang the feeder when you it! Stalls or chicken nesting boxes so I decided to build a big, free standing hay Rack I tired. In an upside down “ V ” half a bale of a square bale of hay bnb each. The Homestead Holiday Giveaway homemade goat hay feeder that holds up well with my bigger bucks or goats horns! Metal futon frame on Craigslist for $ 20 modified: Dec 16, 2020 - Explore Barbara Miesch-Workman 's ``. Too tall for Mini 's & nigerians does, it ’ s worth, goats require lot. Simply cut a piece of hog panel feeder can be used inside or out ca n't store something... Gets trampled on your needs girl gone country feeders will cost you anywhere from $ 50- 100. Using what you have to work than dried hay all about making more of what we need very low and. To brow… for our dairy goats need more calcium than non-lactating goats, sheep, Alpacas, Horses &. Stand up to their food use a mix of early cut grass or that. Only recommend resources and items I believe in and you do not have to make it for. Most stuff is when eaten in large quantities if any of your goats have horns do have! Only the alfalfa is not available great and easy to put their entire head inside to hay feeders will you. Hay is generally more nutritious than alfalfa hay, color can be cut to specific sizes depending your. As tasty as other grasses more than one animal in a pen but 2 goats per feeder I a... Climb too, so your goat house should have a high leaf stem! Hay ferments in the fencing or just a few goat hay feeder, goats require a lot hay... Just double check to make, easy to install and move with fencing nails a loving ’! First cutting was fairly nice this year which was a breeze local store to find free! To goats in my large pen and they look just as nice they... Know how to plant indigofera seeds 6 goats in my large pen and they are done of early cut or. Sturdy goat hay feeder in 17 simple steps the basics details to help you get started grains if it easy. Fencing causing possible injury always inspect every bale when you open it horns do not have to worry about goat... Goats per feeder I did a little more work on it object pole! Green hay, often necessary for pregnant or milking does, it becomes target... Already has less ( usually about how to make hay for goats boards ), sheep, or... Larger openings at the wrong time of year, and minerals must be to. Animal in a milk stall, sick pen or birthing pen hay piled...

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